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PayEasy lets your visitors pay when you’re not there.

PayEasy lets your visitors pay when you’re not there.

Simply display a QR code and start collecting green fees - no hardware or power connection required.

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Easy to set up

All you need to do to get started is display the PayEasy QR code near the entrance to your club or course. No hardware, power or human necessary. Easy as.

Simple to use

Visitors simply scan a PayEasy QR code to be taken directly to a secure online portal where they can pay for their green fee using one-touch GooglePay, ApplePay, or by manual credit card entry. No need for them to download an app, register, or sign up.

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Kiss cash goodbye

Cash is no longer king. Your visitors and members don’t carry it. You don’t want to collect it. PayEasy is the cashless, secure, convenient way to pay.

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Why are golf clubs switching to PayEasy?

PayEasy is the perfect solution for golf clubs who want to replace or provide an alternative to cash payments. It’s the low-cost, clever replacement for ‘honesty box’ payments, allowing you to securely collect payment when you’re not there, simply by displaying a QR code at the start of your course. Visitors find it intuitive to use (we’re all familiar with scanning QR codes nowadays!), and enjoy the convenience of simple, one-touch mobile phone payment. Get in touch with us for a no-obligation demo or quote today.

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