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Maintenance and Repair

Reliable, cost effective maintenance and repair

No matter your needs, we can help you reduce the time and cost of your maintenance. We provide a flexible and scalable range of service options for automated and self-service devices.

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Repair and diagnostics

Our secure diagnostic centre handles basic repair all the way through to dismantling and refurbishment of ATM and self-service machines.

Logistics, parts and inventory

We work with a range of partners, so we’re able to source parts that support almost any make and model of ATM.

Research and development

Specialists at our dedicated repair and diagnostic centre investigate any parts we replace to ensure that if they get returned to service, it’s because they’re fit for purpose.

ATM software test lab

Our extensive testing lab reduces the risks associated with costly system problems and unplanned downtime.

Professional services

We offer a one stop shop for multiple services, from consultancy and functional service design to software support, project management and security.

Global Parking Solutions’ technology services aren’t just for parking. We provide first-rate, purpose-built, whole-lifecycle technology solutions that accomodate all major manufacturers, makes and models. Our services range from complete ATM maintenance and refurbishment for major banks, right through to PC repairs. We pride ourselves on truly understanding our customers’ needs and centring their business goals in our processes.

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Want an expert, reliable maintenance and repair services for your automated or self-service devices?

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