Easier, faster, simpler parking just hit LA County

April 2013

LA County motorists who have yearned for quicker and easier-to-use parking machines have just got their wish.

From Malibu to San Pedro, Global Parking Solutions has replaced dozens of obsolete parking machines with Metropolis Parking Terminals: state-of-the-art, multi-space parking terminals featuring award winning design and lightning-fast credit card processing.

LA County motorist will notice improvement right away, the Metropolis terminals are rated as the world’s easiest to use and features the fastest credit card processing in the industry. Once you insert your card you can pay for your parking in less than 5 seconds. No credit card? No problem. Metro terminals let you pay for your parking in just about any way that suits you, including coins, bills, mobile phone, or credit card.

Metro terminals feature a stainless steel and aluminum housing that is extremely durable even in harsh, coastal environments – unlike existing steel terminals that often simply rust away.

Metro terminals provide fast, secure, ‘always on’ wireless communications between the terminals and the central control system despite the terminals being scattered from one end of the County to the other. This means real-time reporting of faults, faster repairs and maintenance, greater cash security, and quicker credit card processing.